Testimonials for Feminist Editor

When asked to submit a three page synopsis of my novel, I thought I would never write something cohesive. Sylvie Côté was there to help me, and her comments, suggestions, and questions went above and beyond what I'd expected! She helped me find problem areas, work out holes in my synopsis, and in many ways assisted me with putting my best foot forward. When we were done, I felt much more confident in sending it out, and I couldn't be more grateful for her help. She was professional, forthcoming, and wonderful to work with.

~ Bethany Perry 

Sylvie  revised my short story, which was 12 pages in length. I really loved  Sylvie's comments. She was very detailed in responding about specific aspects of the story, and  kept in constant contact with me, letting me know where she was in the  review process and when she would deliver the final edits. I would  definitely recommend her for short works.

~ T.K. Harris

I'm so thankful for Sylvie Côté's help. She gave thorough and concise edits and comments for a (very) rough short story of mine. It's tough to look at your writing and know how others will read your characters. She was able to give me insight in a way that was useful, honest, and encouraging.  Her comments were easy to follow. They were very helpful in polishing up my story for submission and taking it from rough draft to finished tale. Thank you, Sylvie!

~ Susanne Thomas

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