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I've been reading fantasy and speculative art fiction since I was little, so I know the tropes and reader expectations. I've moved from reader to editor and my skills lie in developmental and copy editing. Contact me for a free sample edit of up to 1000 words! 

Synopses and Query Letters

When you've been working on your novel for some time, it's easy to write a synopsis that leaves out key transitions that help a prospective agent understand your manuscript's characters and plot. An inexpensive review of your query letter and synopsis can save you from contacting many agents, getting you published sooner. 

I was in the editing process of my fantasy novel and I was looking for some help with my first three chapters(about 15k words). Sylvie was kind enough to give me a hand. I was already editing it for some time and I wasn't looking for line by line feedback. So Sylvie focused on other things such as plot, character development, setting. She made suggestions others missed and she asked a lot of questions to make sure I didn't have holes in my work. All that she did in a respectful manner, recognising me as a writer. For what I'm eternally grateful.

~ Ren Shadowson

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