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Short Stories, Novellas, and Novels

I wrote my Women's and Gender Studies Honours thesis about the dark romance genre. My research helped me get familiar with the romance genre. I now know what readers expect and what tropes exist in romance. Contact me for a free sample edit and a quote.

Synopses and Query Letters

When you've been working on your novel for some time, it's easy to write a synopsis that leaves out key transitions that help a prospective agent understand your manuscript's characters and plot. An inexpensive review of your query letter and synopsis can save you from contacting many agents, getting you published sooner. 

I needed someone to provide comments on a six page short story I wrote to ensure the story flowed well and made sense. Sylvie’s feedback was amazing and thorough. She identified areas that didn’t work, needed more clarity or could be expanded on. She tightened sentences and fixed grammar. Her comments have helped me improve the short story a great deal!

~ Brandy Anne Appleby

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