Editorial rates are project dependent. The cost of editing your project depends on the quality of your work, from beginning to end; the type of editing you are seeking; and the level of edits (light, medium, heavy) required to polish your work. 

Professional editors will give you a quote once they've seen a section from the beginning, middle, and end of your manuscript. It's normal to spend a lot of time editing the beginning of your manuscript, and we tend to lose focus and energy towards the end, resulting in less mistakes caught.

Additionally, professional editors offer a free sample edit so you can see if their editing style and feedback suits you. Further, it's a good way for them to give you feedback about whether your manuscript is ready for the type of editing you're seeking. 

And, the editor's quote depends on the level of edits (light, medium, heavy) your project needs. 

Ultimately, the price of editing your manuscript is project dependent.

For shorter projects, I charge by the hour. Otherwise, I charge for the project as a whole. The Editorial Freelancers Association has a helpful web page about common editorial rates

We can discuss smaller payments over time, if that works best for your budget. And, my interest in your project can influence the cost. I am open to negotiating my quote.

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