FAQs about Feminist Editor


On Feminism

I will not force feminism on you. Feminism is my personal philosophy, and it can guide my editorial decisions with regard to your document, when appropriate. I want to ensure that your audience and potential audiences feel like their experiences count and that you do not lost business because of an outdated word or phrase. 

I am happy to work with folks and organizations that do not identify as feminist. 

Track Changes

 I prefer editing with Track Changes on Microsoft Word. 

If you do not know how to use Track Changes, Sophie Playle writes an excellent article explaining the basics. Please familiarize yourself with Track Changes before I return your document, so we can work together more efficiently!  

Proofreaders' Marks

If you prefer that I edit your document on paper or via PDF, I will mark up your document with proofreaders' marks. I will also write a memo with general comments. 

Please familiarize yourself with these marks so you have an easier time correcting your work afterwards. (: 

Booking Editing Services in Advance

To ensure my services are available when you need them, please email me about your project before it is completed so I can set aside time in my calendar to work with you. 


If you are low on funds, I will accept small payments over a longer period of time. We can talk about what works for the both of us. 



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