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Accessibility, Readability, Credibility, and Professionalism

My editing specialties include substantive and copy editing. That is, I can help you develop the content and structure of your documents for clarity and completeness and I can ensure your documents are grammatically error-free. 


I am trained in search engine optimization (SEO), meaning I can bring your website’s Google ranking higher, resulting in more sales for your business. 

Grant Proposals

A few missing details and grammatical errors send your request for funding out the window. My editing services ensure your grant proposal is successful and your business prospers. 

Job Listing

Looking to hire new employees? Make sure you send the right message to get the right people interested in applying to work for or with you. 

Newsletters and Other Promotional Material

Promotional material reminds your prospective and current customers about your business, and encourages them to work with you when you offer specials. Similar to grant proposals, grammatical mistakes or missing information can make all the difference in whether your promotions are successful. 

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